Story Time

Storytime can be an educational and magical moment for children. Reading a bedtime story with your child can expand their knowledge of the world, stimulate imagination and creativity beyond measures, all while building a bond between you and them. There is a sense of calming for children to hear their parent’s voices. This along with their favorite book or character, can create a memorable and comforting experience between you and your child.

Reading out loud is a great way of encouraging interaction and talking with and listening to young children helps develop their reading ability and communication skills. Reading out loud is a combination of talking and listening which helps build a foundation for language development. Books introduce children to the exciting world of endless stories and possibilities. Reading is a great way for children to learn how to express their thoughts and emotions.

For the little ones, songs and rhymes make excellent choices as they tend to be more appealing and have repetitive language, which makes it easier for babies to learn language skills. Most of the brain development occurs within the first three years of a child’s life. Therefore, take advantage of the moment and boost your child’s potential with a bedtime story each night.

Ask your child questions throughout the book. Make notice of pictures and allow your child to act out parts of the story. Increasing engagement will increase retention. Be a little enthusiastic, A little energy can make the story livelier and the experience better for the child.

As children grow older, they should begin to choose their own books at night. We all remember our not-so-lovely reading assignments that could leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed. Take the chance to explore your child’s mindset and allow them to show you what sparks their interest. This will also give your child a sense of empowerment, allowing them to practice independence and enhance their decision-making skills. Picking their own book can make reading more fun and exciting for them, eliminating that chore-like feeling.

So, turn off the TV, computers, and silence your phones for a bit. Make Storytime a fun family time. Let’s get back to the basics and cherish sharing special moments together. You will be giving your child two amazing gifts… the foundation of learning and heart-felt memories that will be fondly treasured.

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