Helping You Secure a Bright Future for Your Child

Our team of instructors brings more than 25 years of experience in infant and toddler care and education to help in the development of every child. We work to ensure our pupils achieve a strong sense of self and explore their talents in a comfortable, supportive setting.

Rhema Knights Learning Center

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing, secure, and quality educational childcare environment that focuses on the individual needs of each child by preparing students with the learning tools for their next level of academic success.

Our Vision

To offer each child a safe, loving, and exciting atmosphere that gives infants up to five years of age an informative, unique, and fun developmental experience. Staffed by childcare professionals trained in early learning curriculum/programs that will stimulate their social, cognitive, physical, emotional growth and reinforce positive behavior. Our goal is to encourage and support families in the community by providing affordable prices.

Rhema Knights Learning Center
Rhema Knights Learning Center

Commitment to Quality Education

We are dedicated to providing safe and secure learning environments for your child, guiding them with a team of professional educators and compassionate staff. We send our kids’ parents daily reports about their child’s activities, accomplishments, and challenges.

Nurturing Staff

The most important part of your child’s transitional period is during the first few weeks of the program. It can also be the most challenging time for some parents. With this in mind, our staff members come prepared to handle various situations, providing support for learners and parents alike.

Rhema Knights Learning Center
Rhema Knights Learning Center

Comprehensive Programs

Our curriculums are focused on holistic growth and development for our pupils. We provide the following as part of our daily activities:

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Meals and Snacks Certified by the State of Arizona

  • Playground Activities

Start Your Child’s Learning

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