Learner-Centered Programs Designed for Curious Little Tots

Here in our childcare center, our kids move around freely and learn by “doing”. As each child selects their own activity, they develop social and communication skills, learn to solve problems, and discover new things that help to boost their confidence. With the guidance and supervision of our teachers, they learn to be creative in expressing their uniqueness.

Rhema Knights Learning Center

Advanced Childcare Facilities

Our full-time learning center welcomes children up to five years of age. It is designed to provide complete resources that help them prepare well for their most important developmental years.

Safe and Supportive Environments

We offer a warm and nurturing space our little ones can call their second home. Our staff members are highly experienced in caring for children with various needs, ensuring undivided attention for every pupil.

Rhema Knights Learning Center
Rhema Knights Learning Center

Open-Door Policy for Parents

In order to support holistic growth, we work hand in hand with our students’ parents in educating and nurturing their kids. That’s why we employ an open-door policy for parents of enrolled children, so they can play, bond, and grow together.

Rhema Knights Learning Center
  • Develop motor skills

  • Experience tummy time

  • Explore and learn how to interact positively

Rhema Knights Learning Center
  • Interactive play, music, and dance

  • Social engagement in plenty of fresh air and sunshine

  • Age appropriate fitness toys and toddler exercises

  • Sharing is caring

  • Social participation and verbal communication skills

  • Self-help skills

  • Proficient Potty training

  • Introduction to our computers and technology and technology in our computer lab

Rhema Knights Learning Center
  • Vital cognitive skills

  • Phonics and early reading programs

  • Foreign language

  • Socio-dramatic play

  • Enhance and encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Introduction to Philanthropy

Rhema Knights Learning Center
  • Name writing w/ proper capitalization, spacing, and letter formation

  • How to recognize and print the letters of the alphabet

  • Recognize and write numbers

  • How to use the library and read literature

  • Language development

  • Computer technology

  • Journal writing

  • Health and nutrition

  • Calendar understanding and its purpose

Enroll Your Kid in Our Program

Let us help you with your child’s early learning development. For more information, reach out to us. We would be happy to address all your concerns.